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Teng Wang Ge Xu

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Introduction: Yuzhang County, Hongdu New House. The stars are winged, and the ground is balanced. The Sanjiang River leads to the Five Lakes, which controls the Jingjing and leads to Yueyue. Wuhua Tianbao, Longguang shoots the bullfighting market; human beings and spirits, Xu Xuan's couch under Chen Fan. ...

Teng Wang Ge Xu

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唐代 Dynasty: Tang Dynasty

王勃 Author: Wang Bo


The old county of Yuzhang, the new capital of Hongdu. The stars are winged, and the ground is balanced. The Sanjiang River leads to the Five Lakes, which controls the Jingjing and leads to Yueyue. Wuhua Tianbao, Longguang shoots the bullfighting market; human beings and spirits, Xu Xuan's couch under Chen Fan. Xiongzhou fog column, Juncai Xingchi. When the hostess of the Tai Dynasty ushered in the summer, the guests and the host made the beauty of the southeast. Du Gong Yan Gong's elegant hope, the halberds are distant; Yuwen Xinzhou's 懿 范, 襜 curtain is temporarily in residence. On vacation on ten days, Sheng You is like a cloud; Teng Yi Qi Feng, the Confucianism of Mencius; Zidian Qingshuang, the arsenal of General Wang. The family ruled, and the road became famous; the boy, He Zhi, bowed to victory. (Yu Zhang's Old County: Nanchang's Old County)
When Shiwei was in September, the sequence was Sanqiu. The water is clear and the cold lake is clear, the smoke is condensed and the mountains are purple. Take a walk on the road and visit the scenery in Chong'a. When it comes to Changzhou, the emperor's emperor, the old museum of Heaven and Man. The hills and ridges are towering and green, and the sky is heavy; Feige Liudan, there is no land. Crane Tingji, the return of the poor island; Gui Dian Lan Palace, the body of Gangluan. (One layer of Luan: a platform; one of Gang's works: Liegang; one of heaven and man: Immortals; one of Feige Liudan: Feige Xiangdan)
The embroidered embroidered owl and the carved engraved owl, Yamahara opened his eyes, and Kawasawa amazed him. Yan Yan fluttered to the ground, Zhong Ming Ding Shi's house; the barge was lost, the blue bird Huanglong Zhi. Cloud pin rain rain, Cai Tou District Ming. The setting sun and the solitary wing flew together, and the autumn water was the same. The fishing boat sang late, ringing the shore of Peng Pi, and the wild geese were chilling, and the sound of Hengyang Pu was broken. (Axis pass: 舳; Mizu's first work: Mijin; Yun Pin Yu Yu, Cai Tou Ming Yi: Hong Pin Yu Yu, Cai To Yun Yun)
Yao Jinfu is smooth, Yixing is flying. Shuangying hair and fresh wind, Xiange Ning and Baiyun curb. Gion green bamboo, Qi Ling Peng Ze bottle; Zhushui Zhu Hua, the pen of light Linchuan. Four beauty, two dilemmas. Poor in the middle of the sky, extremely entertaining in leisure time. The sky is high and the sky is infinite, and the universe is full of sorrow and consciousness. Hope that Chang'an will be in the sun, and Mu Wu will be in the clouds. The terrain is extremely deep from the south and Tianzhu high from the north. Guan Shan is more difficult, the person who lost his way; Pingshui meets, they are all guests from other places. Huai Emperor disappeared, when was the Fengxuan room? (Yao Jinfu Chang Yi Chang Yi: Yao Yao Yin Chang)
Howling! Fortunes are mixed and life is faltering. Feng Tang Yi Lao, Li Guang difficult to seal. Qu Jiayi was in Changsha, not without the Lord; channeling Liang Hong into Haiqu, wasn't there any time? The gentleman you depend on sees the opportunity and knows his fate. Do you want to grow old and strengthen your heart? Poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. Discuss the greed and feel refreshed, and you will still be happy. Although Beihai is creditable, it can be picked up; Dongying has passed away, and Mulberry is not late. Meng Tsao Gao Jie, in his spare time to report the country's feelings; (See machine one: Poverty Alleviation)
Bo, three feet of life, a scholar. Wait for nowhere, wait for the weak crown of the final army; Shedaihu was in Bailing, and Fengchen was fainted for miles. It is the treasure tree of the Xie family, and it is the neighbor of the Meng family. He is getting more and more court, accompany the carp pair; today is holding the arrogant, hi to the Dragon Gate. Yang Yi is different, and Fu Lingyun regrets it; when Zhong Qi meets, why is the water flowing?
Woohoo! The resort is not frequent, and it is difficult to get rid of it again; Parting words, fortunately, Cheng Yuen Yu Weixuan; ascending talents, I hope in the public. Dare to be contemptuous, respectfully short-quote; all words are given, the four rhymes are complete. Please sprinkle Panjiang, Haiyun'er:
Teng Wang Gao Ge Lin Jiangyan, Pei Yuming stopped singing and dancing.
The painting building flew towards South Puyun, and the bead curtain twilighted the Xishan rain.
Xianyuntan has a long sunny day, and the stars change a few degrees in autumn.
Where is the emperor in the cabinet today? Outside the threshold, the Yangtze River flows freely.

This is the Yuzhang County in the Han Dynasty. It is now the Governor's Mansion in Hongzhou. The azimuth of the sky belongs to the wing. The place where the two stars are located. 江为 衣襟,以五湖为衣带、控制着楚地,连接着闽越。 With Sanjiang as the placket and Wuhu as the belt, it controls the Chu land and connects Fujian and Vietnam. The essence of the matter is the treasure of heaven, and the light of the sword strikes the interval between the bull and the two stars. Among the people was Yingjie, because the earth had aura, Chen Fan set up a few beds for Xu Zheng. The majestic Hongzhou City, houses are listed like fog, handsome talents, as active as the stars. The city is located in the vital area at the junction of Yixia, the host and guests, gathered the handsome talents of the Southeast. Du Du Yangong enjoyed a high reputation and came to Hongzhou to sit in the town. Yuwen Zhoumu was a model of virtue. He stayed here on his way to office. On the tenth day of vacation, outstanding friends gathered and noble guests came here for a long distance. Literary leader Meng Xue, the momentum of the article is like a rising dragon, flying colorful phoenix, and General Wang's arsenal, which contains sharp swords like purple electricity and blue frost. Since my father was a county magistrate in Cochin, I passed by this famous place on my way to visit relatives. I was young and ignorant, and had the honor to attend this grand banquet in person.
When Sept., the autumn was airy. The accumulated water is gone, the pond is clear, the sky is condensed with a faint cloud of smoke, and the mountains in the twilight show a purple color. Ride a horse-drawn carriage on a high mountain road and visit the mountains and mountains for scenery. Came to Cheung Chau, former emperor, to find the palace where the immortals lived. The mountains overlap here, and the verdant peaks tower into the sky. In the volcanic tower, the red pavilion is like flying in the sky, and the ground cannot be seen from the pavilion. The white crane, the small continent where the wild ducks stop, the island's curling loops, and the palace of Ya Hao are matched with the rolling hills.
Open the exquisitely carved cabinet door and look down on the decorated roof. You can see the mountains and plains. Everywhere is the Lane House, many wealthy people Zhongming Dingshi. The barge was full of ferries, full of big ships carved with blue bird yellow dragon patterns. As the rain cleared, the clouds disappeared, the sun was shining, the setting sun flew with the lone geese, and the autumn water and the long sky merged into one. In the evening, the singing voices from the fishing boat rang through the shores of Pengyu Lake, and the geese screamed as they chilled, and they cried until Hengyang Zhipu.
Looking into the distance, my mind was just relaxed, and the super-easy interest immediately rose. The sound of the flute sounded slowly, and the gentle singing attracted the floating white clouds. 陶渊明 ,像邺水赞咏莲花,这里 Like the party in Gion Bamboo Forest, the drinkers here drink more than Tao Yuanming , who is from Pengze County . 诗 谢灵运 Human literary talent is better than Linchuan's Shi Xie Lingyun . (Music and Food, Articles and Speech) These four wonderful things are all in place. (The beautiful scenery, enjoyment) These two rare conditions are also put together, looking out into the sky, enjoying the holidays. Happy entertainment. The sky is high and the earth is vast, making the universe feel endless. Joy is gone, sorrow strikes, I know that there are certain things about the rise and fall of things. Looking at Chang'an to the west and Wuhui to the east, the land in the south has come to an end, the sea is unfathomable, how far away is the Big Dipper in the north, and Tianzhu is extremely high. Guan Shan is difficult to get over. Who is sympathetic to the unwilling? Pingshui meets occasionally, and everyone is a stranger. I miss the king's palace door, but I am not called. When can I serve the king?
Oh, everyone's timing is different, and the fate of life is often uneven. Feng Tang is prone to aging, and Li Guang is rare. 贾谊 遭受委屈,贬于长沙,并不是没有圣明的君主,使梁鸿逃匿到齐鲁海滨,难道不是政治昌明的时代? It is not an era of political prosperity that has caused Jia Yi to suffer grievances and belittled him to Changsha. It is only because the gentleman rests in poverty, the accessible person knows his fate. Although I am old, my ambition should be more vigorous. How can I change my mood when I am white? Although the situation is difficult, the discipline should be more firm, and we must not abandon our own Ling Yun ambitions. Even after drinking the water of the greedy spring, my state of mind is still refreshing and incorruptible; even though I am in the dry main course, my heart is still cheerful and happy. Although the North Sea is very far away, it can still be reached by the horn whirlwind. Although the morning has passed, it is not too late to cherish the dusk. 阮籍 为人放纵不羁,我们怎能学他那种穷途的哭泣! Meng Tsao has a high-minded spirit, but with the enthusiasm of serving the country in vain, Ruan Ji is indulgent and unruly. How can we learn his crying in the end!
I am humble, just a scholar. Although twenty-one years old, like the end army, there is nowhere to ask the enemy to kill the enemy. I envy Zong Ye ’s heroic spirit of “bringing miles and waves through the wind”, and he also has the ambition to vote with his pen. Now I abandon my life's reputation and serve my father far and wide. Although it is not called the "treasure tree" of Xie's family, it can associate with people of virtue and virtue. Soon I will meet my father and listen to his teachings. Today, I am fortunate to accompany the elders and happily ascend the Longmen. If you can't meet someone recommended by Yang Deyi, you can only pat yourself and sigh. Now that you have encountered the Zhongzi period, what shame is there to play a piece of "Running Water"?
Ah! Places of interest cannot be permanent, and grand banquets are difficult to meet again. 石崇 的梓泽也变成了废墟。 The Lanting Banquet has been traced, and Shi Chong 's Zize has been turned into ruins. Thanks to the gift of this banquet, I made this preface in parting. As for the ascension, I can only count on the present princes. I just took the liberty to do my modest thoughts and made a short introduction. All of you here have written poems according to their assigned rhymes. I have written four rhymes and eight sentences. 潘岳 陆机 一样的才笔,各自谱写瑰丽的诗篇吧! All of you , please show Pan Yue and Lu Ji 's talents to compose magnificent poems!

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